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We are a multinational company with a strong wholesale and retail network

Would you like us to market your products to the world and introduce them to the consumers?


You have a great product, but are you discouraged by the merciless rapidly changing world? So where
exactly do you take part in all these transformations? Do you have a plan to prevent the global
companies that grow like a snowball from ending your commercial life one day, making it meaningless and aimless?


We have a plan!
By saving your brand, physical and mental production power from being local; We offer the world market
much faster than our competitors, and we quickly reach the answer to the most important question for
correct and permanent growth. Where is my brand, my production power compared to my competitors
in the world? Do I really have competitive power? How can I improve and differentiate myself?   We answer
all these questions in a very short time by doing your marketing with our retail and wholesale network spread around the world.


Your local competitors have little chance to develop you and prepare you for your real competitors! With us, it reaches the most developed continental markets very quickly, receives comments from different continent consumers; You can make development and change a power.
Are you ready to become a world brand?

A few things we’re great at

Global Trust , Local Sincerity

Growing your Bussines

The history of trade has developed, transformed and changed the entire world. All cultures intertwined, two different ends of the world touch each other in less than a second with internet networks, social media is everywhere; cultural, social, political and economic interaction begins. The high-speed change in sea, land and air vehicles reduces months of physical communication to hours. Tech companies are busy making everything in our lives happen much faster. Do not worry ! We follow all these dizzying globalization results very closely, making your business open to development and change with consumer feedback; We enable you to grow much healthier.

Customer Satisfaction

After introducing your products to consumers in more than 10 countries in 4 different continents in
a short time; We ensure that customers have the best experience. Communication is everything! We are always beside our customers with call center, instant messaging, mail and whatsapp!

Customer’s Preferred Seller

They know us well. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, user-friendly detailed descriptions and
contents in the SKU publication; Result-oriented answers in a very short time with high level contact
at the time of communication; very fast post-order delivery ; fast and clear results in return
processes in case of problems; has made our sales channels the choice of customers and suppliers.


We are a multinational company with a strong wholesale and retail network. With a head office in UK
Doncaster and operations spanning more than 10 countries, our diverse product range reaches millions of consumers every year.

At our core is a team of creative, passionate, enthusiastic and like-minded individuals that constantly
challenge the boundaries of possibility, continuously strive to learn and who truly love what they do.
In an age of technological advancements and disruptive innovators, we’ve built our business around
understanding fundamental user needs, harnessing the latest technologies and creating feature rich products that far exceed what’s available on the market.

Our passion drives us to constantly seek out new opportunities – we certainly aren’t afraid of trying something new!

Our diverse portfolio of mobile phones, tablets, home appliances, personal care and lifestyle brands has been developed to offer consumers innovative and functional products. We take pride in working with and creating brands that will enrich people’s lives.

Ashura, which started its activities as an e-commerce seller in the Mobile Devices category with 5 SKUs in
2014, today has more than 1000 SKUs in all Mobile and Mobile Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Office
Products, Personal Care, Home Appliances, Textile and Petshop categories expanded! with its Gelbial E commerce brand.


Brands that trust us in e-commerce and add value with our sales.

Join us!  It will only take a minute

Vendor Testimonials

Ashura has helped us bring more visibility to our products and reach a much wider
audience, which has allowed us to grow our online marketplaces with a seamless
experience. Their teams of dedicated experts working proactively with us continue to
contribute to our sales!


Ashura company has been a good partner for us in the distribution of our products , they have an experienced team for online channel


Since you are a solid and reliable company, we have been working uninterruptedly in our
trade for many years. We hope that our trade will continue for many more years.

General Mobile

During the time we worked together, our trade progressed positively. We hope that continuity and reliability will continue.

P & G

Ashura By Numbers

We have served many customers with our long years of e-marketplace experience.

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